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Residential Roofing

Protect your most valuable asset with Colorbond from Bluescope steel. Colorbond steel is attractive, affordable and has a tough resistance to the environment.

Re Roofing

Add value to your property & modernise your home with a Colorbond roof replacement.


Commercial Roofing

RoofBitz Metal Roofing has extensive experience in all aspects of Commercial roofing, including Shopping Centres, Schools & Industrial warehouses.

Gutters & Downpipes

We install high quality gutter profiles designed to protect your home from water damage and the harsh Aussie environment.

Whirly Bird Installation

Reduce your heating and cooling costs by installing a whirly bird by improving air ventilation in your roof area

Leaf Guard

Live in a leafy area? Protect your gutters from leaves and dirt build up that can lead to rust & replacement.

Roof Leaks & Repairs


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions & energy costs while keeping your home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

Roof Leaks & Repairs

Get a FREE roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof before the Storm Season.

Insurance Work

Look no further for professional, reliable roofing specialists for all your Insurance repairs.

Rusty Roof Screws

It is good policy to have the screws checked around every 5 years, as this will ensure that you keep on top of the problem of your roofing iron being affected by rusty screws.

Rusty Roof Screws

Pressure Cleaning

Bring your roof & driveway back to their former glory in just a few hours with our high-pressure cleaning services.

Patio & Carport

Patios & Carports

RoofBitz offers a large range of patios & carports to enhance your lifestyle. Installed by us, or do it yourself kits are available.

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